22/23/24 August 2014 - Olten/Switzerland



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Ticket Pre-Sale

Why not buy your ticket to Demodays 2014 in advance? We provide this service together with our friends from deinetickets.de as a Print-at-Home service.

Why would you want to buy a ticket in advance? It gets you in to Demodays in seconds, you don't have to deal with money at the entrance desk and last but not least, we have less cash at the location (security). There's a small caveat though: As you know, Demodays is fully non-profit, and we need about every cent from the entrance tickets. Therefore, the PayPal fees for the pre-sale with be charged on top of the ticket price (about 2%).

Don't worry: If you don't feel like buying your ticket in advance, you can still buy the ticket at the entrance desk. There's no drawback whatsoever. Also please keep in mind that, as always, we don't have seat reservation - that doesn't change with pre-sold tickets!