22/23/24 August 2014 - Olten/Switzerland



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The Combined Ticket

July 23, 2014 - 18:11 -- Unlock

In 2003 Evoke and Buenzli (now Demodays) were proud to be the first parties to bring you a combined ticket for both events! Eleven years later we still stick to this tradition. Since Demodays takes place just two weeks after Evoke we once again decided to make it easy for you to visit both of those great parties. Get the ticket by asking for it at the Evoke entrance desk! The ticket will be cheaper than the sum of the single tickets. The price will depend on the exchange rate CHF/EUR in the beginning of August.

Evoke takes place on the 8/9/10 August 2014 in Cologne/Germany.

Just stay in cologne after Evoke and enjoy events like GDC Europe, Respawn - gathering of game developers or Gamescom before you travel on to Switzerland to conclude your more than two weeks of non-stop partying. Or you go to Switzerland right after Evoke and enjoy the the mountains, the lakes, or the Zurich/Basel/Berne nightlife.