22/23/24 August 2014 - Olten/Switzerland



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Location, Travel and Accommodation


A nice place to stay

Olten is an urban city with a historic old town. Our location, the "Schuetzi", is a "refurbished" gym hall, commonly used as an arts and concert hall. With a stage and a huge bar on each end, it's perfect for a cozy event like Demodays.

There's space for sleeping, the famous chill corner, a lot of tables for you and your equipment, a big screen and a powerful audio system.

Food and drinks

We'll sell food and drinks at the bar. Don't worry, they will fit your budget. We offer snacks like hot dogs and pizza, meat for the barbecue and salad, freshly prepared by our very own Chefkoch.

Other cool stuff in the area

  • located right next to the city's public open-air pool and the local river …which means: plenty of showers and a reduced entrance fee for your daily swimming routine (show your wristband!)
  • free parking right in front of the location
  • enough space for "the real party is outside"-action
  • close to the city center: find shops, hotels, public transport and everything else you could possibly need.

How to get there


The location is easy to find and the city of Olten is connected to a Swiss highway.

Plan your route

Public transport

The main trainstation is about 10 minutes - by foot - away from the party location and offers direct connections to France, Italy and Germany.

Route to walk from station
Swiss Railways


Each major airport in Switzerland is connected to the railways system. No matter if your plane lands in Zurich, Basel, Bern or Geneva: just hop into a train.

Tourism Switzerland

Ride-Share / Car-Share

Use our ride/car-sharing discussion board.

Too old to sleep on the floor?

If you prefer not to sleep at the party place, check the following suggestions. As always, try booking trough HRS or similar systems.

Bed and Breakfast

BnB Bed and Breakfast Olten

CHF 85.- for a single room (incl. breakfast)
CHF 130.- for a double room (incl. breakfast)

Take off CHF 5.- per person if you book without breakfast

Bed and Breakfast Olten

CHF 130.- for a double bed room, 2 persons
CHF 90.- for a double bed room, 1 person
CHF 180.- for a double bed room, 3 persons
CHF 200.- for a double bed room, 4 persons

Prices apply when booking for two or more nights, all prices including breakfast and taxes

Camping & Youth Hostel

Camping and youth hostel are not too close to the party place and are more interesting for you if you want to stay a few days in the region before or after demodays.

Camping Aarburg
Youth Hostel Zofingen


Hotel Arte (****)

Starting at CHF 111.- for a single room
Starting at CHF 144.- for a double room

Not including breakfast and taxes

Hotel Astoria

CHF 115.- for a single room
CHF 180.- for a double room

Deduct CHF 17.- per person if you do not want the breakfast; not including taxes

Hotel Amaris

CHF 120.- for a single room
CHF 160.- for a standard room (for two persons)
CHF 180.- for a double room

Prices include breakfast. Taxes not included

Hotel Europe Olten

CHF 95.- for a single room
CHF 125.- for a double room
CHF 155.- for a three-bed room

All prices without breakfast and taxes. Disclaimer: Cheapest hotel, closest to the party place, but very worn down and above a club/bar - you've been warned ;-)

Switzerland Checklist

Some things are different here. And not just the part about the European Union. :-) Please read the following information to make sure you don't end up in "funny" situations. Hint: Pot is not legal in Switzerland.


Euro payment is not officially possible in Switzerland. However you can pay in Euro almost everywhere (if you're willing to accept a not-so-good exchange rate). Make sure you exchange some Euros to Swiss francs. At Demodays/Buenzli, we try to make everything available to you in Euro too!


Switzerland doesn’t have the standard plugs for power! If you think your plugs wont’t fit, bring your own converters! Euro plugs will fit, Schuko plugs won’t. We'll have a few converters available - but don't count on it.

Here's a good description (on a rather ugly site)


You will have to pay road charge (at the border, CHF 40.-, valid one year). Olten is rather close to the french and german border. If you live close to the border and don't want to pay road charge, try to find a route which avoids highways - Google surely helps you with that.

Frequently Asked Questions

With kind permission taken and adjusted from www.revision-party.net, original FAQ text by the Breakpoint Orga Team

Short answer: Yes.

Long Answer: We try to provide as much space as possible inside as well as outside of the hall. Anyway, you should use space economically. While the hall looks rather empty in the beginning you might observe that it fills up continuously, as some visitors can only attend later, due to personal reasons or long travelling distances. Just pick yourself a nice place that isn't taken, but keep in mind that there will be other visitors that might need some space too. By the way, not everybody arrives with his computer.

The Party runs non-stop, and there will be people awake/working/partying at any time. If you consider sleeping as essential you should choose your favourite from the following possibilities:

In the sleeping area inside the hall. Bringing your own sleeping equipment (fluffy blankets, penguin cushions, sleeping bag, ...) is a good idea. You might consider that due to the almost constantly high noise level, earplugs are a good idea in this case.

In your car, if weather conditions allow for that.

In case you don't want to forgo on any luxury we advise you to book a room at a hotel. More information can be found above.

For your personal hygienic needs we provide toilet facilities and the option to use the near by public swimming pool (and their showers) for a reduced entrance fee.

If you feel hungry or thirsty you have several options to satisfy your needs. First of all, there is a wide variety of food and drink support on site. Our well known bar offers all kinds of food - including vegetarian food. Our staff also sells all kinds of softdrinks as well as beer at reasonable prices.