22/23/24 August 2014 - Olten/Switzerland



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Demodays 2014

When, where and how much


Doors open: Friday, August 22, 2014, 17.00h
Doors close: Sunday, August 24, 2014, 13.00h


Kulturzentrum Schützi, Olten/Switzerland

Ticket Prices

3-Day-Pass CHF 50.- € 42.-
Visitor-Ticket (from Sat., 18.00h) CHF 20.- € 17.-
Combined Ticket (with Evoke) - € 72.-

Use our ticket pre-sales.

Tickets are also sold at the entrance desk. We do not offer seat reservations. Prices in Euro are subject to change until Demodays take place. The exchange rate used above is 1.2. Euro-prices are rounded up. Pay in CHF for the cheapest price (or save moneys using the combined ticket).

The 3-Day-Pass is considered the "normal" ticket and mandatory if you want to take part in the competitions and win prizes.

Visitor tickets are valid from Saturday, 18.00h to Sunday, 12.00h.

Please note: Remote entries from non-visitors or entries from people with a visitor ticket only take part in the competitions and get ranked but are not eligible to win prizes!


The timetable is - and will always be - subject to last-minute changes.

Friday, 22/8/2014

17.00h Doors opening
19.00h Announcement: Surprise Competition Topics
21.00h Official Opening
Demoshow (Text mode demos; live with Moerder/Vantage)
22.15h Live On Stage: BAK XIII
00.00h Live On Stage: Xtrium
01.00h Demoshow (c64.ch Best Of)

Saturday, 23/8/2014

09.00h Deadline: Music
13.00h Deadline: Graphics, Photo-Retouching
14.00h Music Competition
15.00h Graphics Competition & Photo Retouching Competition
Demoshow (The animated world; selected by Nightmare/Nuance)
16.00h Deadline: 4k Executable Graphics, Mini Animation, Interactive, OHP Competition Signup
16.30h Live On Stage: Netpoet
18.00h Deadline: Realtime Demo, Realtime Size-Limited, Non-Realtime
Demoshow (Must-See-Demos since Demodays 2013; Part I)
19.00h Deadline: Surprise Demo
20.00h Compo Night Part I: Mini Animation, 4k Executable Graphics, Surprise
21.00h Compo Night Part II: OHP Demo Competition, Interactive Competition
22.00h Demoshow (Must-See-Demos since Demodays 2013; Part II)
23.00h Compo Night Part III: Non-Realtime, Realtime Size-Limited, Realtime Demo
00.30h Live On Stage: Alkama

Sunday, 24/8/2014

10.30h Voting Deadline
11.00h Demoshow (Party version vs. Final version)
12.00h Awards Ceremony
13.00h Doors Closing