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Time for changes

29. März 2015 - 13:40 -- Unlock

A message from Andry "Unlock" Joos: After 12 years of being the main organizer of the Demodays and the Buenzli demoparties I decided to take a step back. A step back from the responsibility, a step back from the huge time investment and a step back from my engagement with the event: I will not push the Demodays as the main organizer anymore. I will, however, stay part of the awesome team and take a small share of the organizing duties when needed. After all these years, this has not been an easy decision. The Demodays have become an important part of my life. After the great events of the past few years, I decided to leave on a high note. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that there will be no Demodays 2015. The whole Demodays team and the «Echtzeit» association is taking a break and starts rebuilding for something refurbished in 2016. Details are yet unclear - please stay tuned!

Finally: The OHP Demos

6. Oktober 2014 - 20:07 -- Unlock

They're not forgotten: Finally, we are able to give you our recordings of the OHP Demos from the Demodays 2014! Watch them on YouTube or download them from the great scene.org servers. Thanks to Cortex, Ohli/DDK and Die drei von der Buenzli for contributing to this traditional Demodays compo! Mad props for the support!

Demodays Jingles

3. September 2014 - 13:13 -- Unlock

The jingles used at the Demodays 2014 are now available for download! They were made by Red/Mercury and are quite an ear-worm, at least for the people that were at the party place. In any case, the jingles tend to awake memories of the event whenever you listend to them.

Download jingles (OGG) - Download jingles (MP3)

After the Party

25. August 2014 - 18:05 -- Unlock

What a weekend! We had very intense three days at the Demodays 2014 - both for the organizers and the visitors. Thank you for being part of this, for contributing, helping, enjoying and making it possible - and we thank our partners for the great support. Thank you for all the positive and contstructive feedback! We have create an After-the-party-page containing a growing amount of photos and videos plus all the results and releases.

Video Feed Online

22. August 2014 - 15:11 -- Unlock

Tune in to our live videofeed and watch what's happening @ demodays 2013. The player requires Adobe® Flash to be present on your system. Also, we have a direct link to the stream, (rtmp) if you need it for other devices. Use the stream for your personal Demodays warmup and then come to the partyplace! :-)

It's Today

22. August 2014 - 9:32 -- Unlock

We will open the gates to Demodays 2014 today, 17.00! Are you ready, are you already on your way to the party place? That's great and we're looking forward to see you! If you can't make it, we will bring Demodays into your living room: thanks to our partner Viprinet, there will be a live stream again. Of course, being at the party place is still the only real option, where else do you get the full package of scene fun? So: If you have the chance to show up, you better do!

2 Days to Go!

20. August 2014 - 22:49 -- Unlock

Everything is on track and we're ready to welcome you this Friday in Olten for the Demodays 2014! Our trip advisor page gives you information on how to find your way to Olten - and while you're travelling, follow us on Twitter for last minute updates! See you soon!

NVIDIA supports Demodays!

18. August 2014 - 22:21 -- Unlock

We are happy to announce our partnership with NVIDIA! At this very moment, plenty of SHIELD portable gaming units are on their way to the Demodays prize giving. That's a great reason to finish your entries, isn't it? Not only that, but this year's Jury Prize money is also sponsored by NVIDIA. We thank NVIDIA for their support of our party and the demoscene!

Compo-PC Upgrade

16. August 2014 - 17:30 -- Unlock

Thanks to our friends from Tastatur und Maus (the Revision & TUM organizers) we will be able to play your competition entries on a kick-ass competition PC. Check out the detail specifications on our compo page. Main feature: The Compo-PC will be equipped with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX TITAN (P2083) graphics card.

C64 Disk Transfer Service

13. August 2014 - 19:35 -- Unlock

Got some old Commodore C64 disks (or tapes) gathering dust in the attic? Bring them along to the party, and have the contents preserved for yourself and all the community! Don't let those old releases be lost forever - contribute to the digital scene archaeology! Bugjam will be ready to preserve your history at Demodays.

Netpoet vs. Xtrium vs. Alkama

6. August 2014 - 20:58 -- Unlock

Beside the concert of BAK XIII we'll get your ears blasted with much more music. Xtrium is back on Friday night, featuring a GameBoy in his show for the very first time. Netpoet will put the decks on fire on Saturday afternoon and Alkama pumps the beat to the floor after the compos to keep you going for the night.

BAK XIII in Concert

5. August 2014 - 10:40 -- Unlock

Friday night, 22.15h: BAK XIII, one of the leading Electro-Pop-EBM bands from Switzerland, will play live at the Demodays. With their audio-visual show and lasers, they'll get you rockin' for the weekend. Don't miss this hour full of dark chippy tracks. Read more.

Competition rules

27. Juli 2014 - 13:37 -- Unlock

It took a while: the competition rules have been finalized and published. There's not much change compared to the last year's rules, so you're good to go with that production you didn't finish for the Demodays 2013! Please also have a look at the information block about Remote entries. In case of questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

The Combined Ticket

23. Juli 2014 - 18:11 -- Unlock

In 2003 Evoke and Buenzli (now Demodays) were proud to be the first parties to bring you a combined ticket for both events! Eleven years later we still stick to this tradition. Since Demodays takes place just two weeks after Evoke we once again decided to make it easy for you to visit both of those great parties. Get the ticket by asking for it at the Evoke entrance desk! The ticket will be cheaper than the sum of the single tickets.

Helping Hands

22. Juli 2014 - 17:23 -- Unlock

The team behind the Demodays has been shrinking a little bit since last year and now we are looking for additional helping hands! Could you imagine to help building up the party place, to run the party or to tear things down on the last day? Or even all of these? Please read on.

The Textmode Demoshow

17. Juli 2014 - 8:08 -- Unlock

The Demodays 2014 will feature a text mode demoshow on Friday evening: Moerder/Vantage hand-selected one full hour of the best and most innovative text mode demos from the past few years. Take this demoshow as a tribute to everybody creating text mode demos and to the annual TMDC.

Demodays 2014 Warm-Up

11. Juli 2014 - 11:48 -- Unlock

As a warm up for Demodays 2014, we'll be at the art gallery Talwegeins in Bern on the 18th of July 2014, starting at 17.00h. Join us there for the "8-bit-evening" with games, demos and certainly some beers. More info and how to find the place can be found on http://talwegeins.ch/

Ticket Sales are Open!

6. Juli 2014 - 21:41 -- Unlock

As of today, the ticket pre-sale for Demodays 2014 has started and at the same time we can proudly announce that there is no change of the entrance fees (same price since 5 years). Read more about our ticket pre-sales. Note: Prepaying a ticket is not mandatory.

Reunion vs. Demodays, Round #2

29. Juni 2014 - 17:07 -- Unlock

Pushed by last year's success of the Reunion meeting at the Demodays, we want to do it again! Not meant as a replacement for the REUNION, but as a great opportunity to meet your fellow C64 sceners: The Demodays 2014 is the place to be in August. C64 entries are allowed in all our competitions, a C64 demoshow will be scheduled and last but not least, Robocop/Atlantis and Unlock/Padua will be your C64 hosts. See you there - for another round of Swiss C64 power!

Car-Sharing to Demodays

20. Mai 2014 - 21:07 -- Unlock

So now you have signed up for Demodays 2014 and no idea how to get there? What about trying our Ride-Share / Car-Share page and look for someone offering a seat in a car? We're trying to encourage car-sharing, not only due to ecological reasons but also because it's more fun than travelling alone :-)

Welcome to the Demodays 2014

19. April 2014 - 12:01 -- Unlock

The story goes on and we're very happy to announce the Demodays 2014! We'll meet in Olten on the 22/23/24 August 2014 for another round of what you love about the Demodays. We are still in progress of revamping the website and update content - please be patient. You can, however, already register right away.